In need of chain & hardware solutions?

We here at Lincs Lifting Ltd Scunthorpe are dedicated to ensuring you have the correct equipment for your project. This is not only important for the success of your project but for the health and safety of your team as well. Feel free to utilise our knowledge of lifting to the best of your ability and make sure your equipment is of the highest standard by choosing us.

Chain & Hardware Solutions

Lincs Lifting Ltd can design and manufacture custom chain slings based on your lifting requirements. We also repair and produce chain slings and provide Certificates for all built and individual products. You can access your own certificates whenever you may need them. We have a variety of chain grades chosen to suit your project. If you are in need of advice on which chain or hardware to use please get in touch!

What we have

Grade 80 Short Link Chain
Grade 100 Short Link Chain
Grade 80 Fishing Chain
Eye Nuts and Eye Bolts
Chain Blocks
Lever Lifts
Rotating Lifting Eyes
Chain Slings

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